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The perfect make-up for your special day: why hire a professional make-up artist


A wedding or an important event is an unforgettable day in every person's life. For this reason, every detail must be taken care of, and the look of the bride or the main character plays a key role. Flawless and long-lasting make-up is essential to feel your best and look radiant throughout the event.


Hiring a professional make-up artist for your wedding or special event offers numerous advantages.

That's why I work with Gypsy.

Gypsy is a talented and high-calibre makeup artist who lives in Australia but works all over the world.

Gypsy has also worked for "National Geographic Australia" creating unique work.


If you are looking for unique and sought after work she is the person for you.


I'm Gypsy, your expert and passionate make-up artist!


I love transforming faces with the magic of makeup, creating unique and customised looks for each client. My passion for makeup has led me to collaborate with National Geographic Australia, where I've done creative and high-end work.

Artista del Makeup
Artista del Makeup

With an impressive career spanning over 20 years, Gypsy has specialised as a leading professional in photographic, event and wedding make-up and hairstyling. Her primary love is creating natural, seamless make-up that makes clients feel not only gorgeous, but also confident in their own skin.


"Every woman is gorgeous in her uniqueness and it is my job to make them look and feel that way. It's not about creating a mask... it's about revealing the beauty that lies beneath the skin" - Gypsy


Gypsy has run three photo studios and has dedicated her career to photographic make-up. 


"I have been involved in hundreds of photo shoots, from styling, hair, make-up and production. I love being part of the whole creative process and most importantly I know what works when it comes to creating an amazing portfolio and headshot."


"I also love the wedding experience and being an integral part of an incredibly special day for brides. My background in photographic make-up allows me to provide the bride with make-up that will not only look sensational in photos, but will last throughout the day and night."

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