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Hello everyone!


Who I am


I'm Andrea and I am a Elopement photographer and destination wedding photographer and planner photographer in Amalfi Coast.

Im based in Italy and more precisely in the beautiful Amalfi Coast.


 My passion for wedding and couple photography is more than just a job for me: it is an art that allows me to tell your love story wherever your wedding is.


I am a professional photographer with many years of experience, who has had the honour of photographing weddings of different cultures in unique locations throughout Italy and the rest of the world.


I love life and I am in love with travel, I love meeting new people and cultures, for me every trip is a source of inspiration for my shots.


 My goal is to capture the essence and emotion of your special day, so that you can keep a lasting memory, wherever you are in the world.


If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer who can tell your love story in an authentic creative and editorial way contact me to find out more.

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